Using Priorities to Reduce Overwhelm

If everything is a priority, then you have no priorities.
year of no excuses dont want to earn my living priorities

1.  Chances are, you’re doing it to yourself.

Here’s something I learned the hard way: The human brain is NOT wired to multitask.  No, not even women’s brains, not even supermom brains.  That’s why you feel like you’re drowning, trying to keep up with everything.

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SMART Goals – More Than Just Dreams

Why SMART Goals aren’t always smart…

year of no excuses i can and i will set SMART goals

By now, everyone’s heard of the SMART goal, right?  In order to set a proper goal, it has to meet the SMART criteria:


SMART goals are great for smaller goals, but they don’t always help you get where you’re going if your dreams are big.   Continue reading “SMART Goals – More Than Just Dreams”